Airport TAXI Service - Katowice Airport Official Carrier

Airport TAXI Service Association was founded in June 1992 and since than it has been providing transportation services for Katowice Airport as well as for other clients.

Our experience gained within the space of twenty years and thousands of kilometres done, entitles us to assert that we provide the highest level of services. We are offering you this capital.

During 20 years of our cooperation with Katowice Airport our drivers have been proving their honesty and the highest degree of professional integrity. Whenever some client leaves his wallet, documents, cell phone or other electronic equipment in one of the cars our drivers always return it gaining our client's recognition and respect.

On the basis of many year observations we noted that the majority of our clients puts standard, high quality and professionalism of our services above the price. This of course does not exclude individual negotiations. We are always open to suggestions, leading to a consensus that wil satisfy both parties.

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